Sunday, July 08, 2007

Arizona landscape #3 10'x10"

Arizona again, I am always fascinated by how the color of the land of an area is reflected in the art and"things" that people surround themselves with, even clothes and jewelry. It seems to me that each "place" has an energy that infuses itself into this process. Is this because, do you suppose, that energy wants to be reflected back to itself just as we do? I see myself in the land and the land sees itself in me? Is what I like or dislike about the land I like or dislike about myself. Is it all about knowing oneself so we can accept ourselves and then the "other" without



Blogger Dee Sanchez said...

I love your pieces, I can tell what they are but they have that special 'abstract' quality that I wish my work had.I love your golds and reds. Beautiful.
Dee Sanchez

6:13 PM  

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