Thursday, November 02, 2006

Canyon floor #2 5"x5" Abstract landscape

Another Canyon de Chelly floor painting. Looking over the edge of the canyon these lines can be seen. They are made by the weather, water, horses, and sheep, (of course a few are made by the jeeps that take tourists down to see the canyon.) They are always changing. They are changed by the same forces that created them in the first place. The most sure thing in the Universe is change. The idea, then, it would seem is to find the beautiful in the change, so that it can be welcomed. The size of this original oil painting is 5"x5" unframed, it is gallery wraped so does not need framing. I just hang them on push pins and it works just fine. All questions and comments are welcome at If you would like to purchase this painting email me,it is 100.00 with shipping added.


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