Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The apple 5"x7 oil painting

It's the new year and I am wondering about dreams, goals, direction, what, how when and where. Where to focus and on what? What do I want from this new year? In 2005 I painted a very large 20'x8' painting which took me a little over a year. Last year that painting was hung, I bought a new house and moved to the Sacto. area Rocklin, actually. I packed and unpacked, had my house painted red, gold, tourquise and a red purple. (Thio violet) Made the master bedroom into a studio, removed carpet and put down tile installed lights. Had bookshelves built in two rooms. (I have lots of books) (I had all of this work done by a perfect handyman who was willing to work with a crazy artist.) Then I started the painting a day thing. I paint every day anyway just larger. I have gone from 20 foot by 8 foot to 4 inches x5 inches! One thing that I know for sure is that I want to be a better painter. It's the how of this that is in question. Today I am doing this by just looking and painting. Maybe it really is the miles of canvas that will help me to improve. The artist that was my teacher for a few years, said to me: Jan, in order to be a" real" artist you have to have something to say. I have had a lot to say but it is only after I finish a painting and then only to myself. I don't think that this is what he meant. In any case that is how it is with me.

The painting today is an apple. It is 5"x7" unframed. If you would like to purchase this paintng email me at


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